The country with the most charitable Brits revealed – and it’s not England

19th Nov 2017


If you won the lottery, would you donate your money to charity? It’s the old-age question, and now a study has revealed the most charitable residents in Britain – and where they’re located.

Welsh would-be winners are the most willing to loosen their newly tense purse strings for a good cause – with more than 50% of prospective winners likely to donate, compared to far lower numbers across the UK.

The discovery was made by international jackpot experts World Lottery Club, who carried out a survey across the UK to investigate the ever-changing attitudes to the ultimate game of luck – the lottery.

The Welsh, alongside people in Northern Ireland, were also found to most frequently pick the same numbers – regularly opting for birthdays as a lucky charm.

Upon winning their dream jackpot, World Lottery Club wanted to identify the priorities of the modern British lottery winner.

Alongside the many popular dreams of glamorous spending sprees and the jetset lifestyle, as many as 60% of Brits would prioritise contributing to their savings, even ahead of throwing a lavish party.


Nevertheless, it’s clear that our national love affair with the lottery hasn’t dimmed – 20% of households continue to enjoy playing the lottery twice a week, as per tradition, and would prefer the improved odds of numerous smaller jackpots rather than the rollover style of many of the UK’s larger game providers.

The survey also found that younger generations should keep an eye on their inheritance if mum and dad happen to win big on the lottery.

Future winners in the 45-54 age group were the most likely of all generations to take a gamble on aggressive high-risk investments, such as playing the markets and buying property.

The UK property price boom has seen profits for landlords skyrocket – and canny investors with a bit of money to spend understand the potential to boost their winnings further.


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