A New Collection of High-Gloss Furniture and Accessories



At left: James Lowther in his studio. At right: items from Ben Pentreath’s new collection for Lowther, including a pink-lined lacquer tray, a two-tone wall mirror and a Georgian-style nightstand.

Duong Rkudo; Wing Chan (4)

For a new line for James Lowther’s Lacquer Company, Ben Pentreath (owner of the London shop Pentreath & Hall and decorator to William and Kate) stays true to his reputation as someone who lovingly upends classic British design. A Georgian-style night-stand, for instance, is done in slick olive green with a shocking robin’s egg blue interior. Craftsmen at Lowther’s workshop painstakingly apply 15 layers of extracted tree sap to every piece, sanding between the coats to achieve an impeccable high-gloss finish. “Nothing compares to the depth and richness of real lacquer,” Lowther says, calling imitations “flaquer.”

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