And the winner is? Oscar legends you could be RICHER than with tonight’s €455 million jackpot

14th Dec 2018

Everyone is talking about the Oscars today but did you know you could be RICHER than some of Hollywood’s elite without having to win the famous golden statue?

There’s a staggering €455 MILLION US MegaMillions super jackpot up for grabs tonight and Irish residents have the opportunity to get involved.

Lottery fans are not only vying to win the top prize but are striving to become the country’s biggest jackpot winner EVER.

The MegaMillions is relatively new to Ireland as until recently, you could only take part if you bought a ticket in the States.

But now, Irish punters can place a bet on the outcome of the game with leading lottery-betting website World Lottery Club. They’ve opened up the chance to win big with a special super jackpot on offer that’s BIGGER than the regular jackpot available in the US.

Just picture all the Oscar-winning legends you’d be richer than if you won:

  • Tonight’s US MegaMillions winner – €455 MILLION
  • Braveheart hero, Mel Gibson – €345 MILLION
  • As Good As It Gets funny man, Jack Nicholson– €324 MILLION
  • Funny Girl lead and singing legend, Barbara Streisand– €316 MILLION
  • Dirty Harry cowboy and director, Clint Eastwood – €304 MILLION
  • Moonstruck star and Hollywood favourite, Cher – €259 MILLION

Here’s your chance to become the next big winner!

We’ve teamed up with World Lottery Club to give you the chance to win tonight’s whopping €455 MILLION super jackpot.

They’re offering new players a chance to double their luck with a free MegaMillions bet when they purchase their first one for €3.50.

Buy one bet, get one free on the US MegaMillions super jackpot by clicking here

US MegaMillions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

US MegaMillions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

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