Man from Wigan ma wins £60 thousands on £1 Scratchcard

21st Nov 2018

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Luke, a plumber from Bolton won big this weekend scooping £60,000 on a scratch card that cost £1 from World Lottery Club, an online lottery website.

The Mirror recently reported that a UK based man from Bolton scooped up £800,000 with a US Powerball Lottery ticket through World Lottery Club, an online website that’s regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and lets customers bet on lotteries all around the world. As the popularity of the website grows, some are predicting a first UK-based Powerball millionaire in the near future.

What could you own with £248 Million?

  • An 800-year-old castle in Staffordshire with a dungeon and moat – Only £3 Million
  • A brand new 46-meter Superyacht – Only £25 Million
  • Show up to your next party in a Ferrari F12 – £324,000 each

And you’d still have millions left in the bank. In fact, you’d be making so much money on interest you’d never have to worry about working again.

And with a jackpot this big, it’s certainly not one to miss out on.

Insider LifeStyles has teamed up with to offer customers a free bet on the chance of winning the huge prize.

World Lottery Club is offering customers a free bet when you buy one at £2.50.

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