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The townhouse is one of the largest private homes in Manhattan, sprawling across 21,000 square feet Source link
Mr. Kapp, a record producer, became the unofficial music provider to the space-bound after forging an unlikely connection with members of the Mercury 7 crew. Source link
Beijing is using its financial might to expand its influence, eroding centuries of Russian dominance in a vast, resource-rich region. Source link
Differences between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the bank’s governor, Murat Cetinkaya, had deepened as the bank held its benchmark interest rate at 24 percent. Source link
Also, Facebook is working to filter out misleading (and annoying) health content. Source link
Bosco Ntaganda is the first person convicted of sexual slavery by the International Criminal Court.
Elon Musk was fielding a number of questions from fans on Twitter on Sunday, and revealed that the current target for a full presentation of Starship, SpaceX’s next-generation reusable rocket and a key piece of the company’s plan to...
NASA is in final preparation stages for its Artemis 1 moon mission, which will be the first in its Artemis series of missions which intend to return an American man to the Moon, and bring an American woman to...
Rivian doesn’t want to build just another electric vehicle. It’s not aiming to be a Tesla killer either. No, this 10-year-old company that kept a low profile until November when it unveiled an electric pickup truck and SUV, is...
Twenty percent of the global oil supply flows past Iran through the Strait of Hormuz. Source link

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