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How Darren Walker, a gay black man who grew up poor in Texas, came to be one of the best connected people in New York City. And what that means for the future of philanthropy. Source link
Something of a new lunar race is underway, but the motivations differ from what put men on the moon 50 years ago. Source link
The social network is planning a new cryptocurrency, potentially inserting the company into yet another part of our lives. Our reporter wonders: What’s in it for me? Source link
Have as many lattes as you want. Just make sure you focus on the handful of things that will make a major difference to your financial health, a financial adviser says. Source link
A large and largely unexpected decline in bond interest rates requires downshifting expectations for the future. Source link
The proposed levies on firms like Facebook and Google are pitting traditional allies against one another and threatening to set off a cascade of tax increases and tariffs. Source link
While additional high-tech roadside charging facilities will make electric driving more practical, convenient home equipment sways many to go electric. Source link
Water investing presents an ethical quandary: Are you willing to buy shares of companies that can turn off the taps for needy users? Source link
Those who stop looking for work aren’t officially listed as unemployed. There is a broader monthly statistic that accounts for the dropouts, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Source link
The use of L.L.C.s and shell corporations to hide the true source of funds has been an issue for the United States for more than a decade. A bill in Congress seeks to address it. Source link

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