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The arrest of the financier reopened old wounds in the world of magazine journalism, with the writer Vicky Ward accusing the editor Graydon Carter of having toned down an article. Source link
They are the smiling (and suspiciously attractive) people at product launches. Is the job fulfilling? Not really. But it pays well. Source link
The Commerce Department will issue licenses for American companies that want to do business with Huawei where there is no threat to national security. Source link
The actor and his son hope to join the city’s exploding film and television production industry with a $400 million facility in Queens. Source link
The private space-tourism business plans to merge with a publicly traded shell company, giving it a stock listing and, potentially a crucial new source of cash. Source link
Mr. Perot made a fortune in computer services, mounted bizarre paramilitary missions in Asia and was a strong third-party hopeful in the 1990s. Source link
The streaming wars are heating up and the phone giant’s new service will have “Friends” exclusively. Source link
After a wave of worker suicides under their management, former executives at France Télécom have been charged with the crime of “moral harassment.” Source link
Many women are terrified of dropping the ball: the career ball, the family ball, the friend ball. But often, our expectations of ourselves are simply unrealistic. Here’s how to decide what’s really worthy of your time. Source link
A smaller field of candidates is expected for the third televised debate sponsored by the Democratic Party, which is finishing plans for the event in September. Source link

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