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Rob Royer believes there is a yawning abyss in the furniture market between the inexpensive cookie-cutter couch and the luxury lounge. So last year he founded Interior Define to bridge the divide. The company works with factories to manufacture its own sofas, each made to order. Customers are pampered with a degree of customization (sizes, fabrics and a few other features can be selected), but the prices reflect the savings the company makes by dispensing with warehouses and middlemen. Mr. Royer estimated that his sofas cost 30 to 40 percent less than comparable ones sold by conventional retailers. (The Sloan sofa, shown here, starts at $900.) Customers can see the collections in a Chicago showroom, where Interior Define thriftily has its offices, or peruse them online. Not all of the customization options are posted on the website, he said, so be sure to ask. Information: 872-802-4119 or

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