Danny Tetley arrested for asking a minor to send him sexual images


English singer and actor Danny Tetley has been arrested over allegations of asking a child to send him sexual photos via social media. He said that it was purely a ‘set up’ against him.

The former X-Factor star volunterily turned himself in to the Bradford police. They tracked him down to his mother’s place where he was finally arrested. The Sun reported that he has been bailed thrice since summer, when he was first arrested, and has submitted his phone to the police for investigation.

The 37-year-old singer told The Sun Online in Benidorm, “Someone is trying to set me up”. The West Yorkshire had confirmed to The Sun that the proceedings on this case are actively going. However, Tetley has vehemently denied reports of his misconduct.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

He told The Sun, “This kind of thing has gone on for ages because people don’t like to see me do well. I’ve never handled the fame very well. I haven’t worked this hard just for me to be slaughtered.”

Tetley told MailOnline, ‘But I was just helping a police inquiry, and it’s all hearsay’.