Disgraced former Spanish King Juan Carlos will never lose his title


Former Spanish monarch Juan Carlos I is in self-exile due to numerous corruption allegations against him, but will never be stripped of his title as king.

Though an investigation is currently underway over Juan Carlos’s alleged improper ties to business deals in Saudi Arabia, the Spanish government recently clarified that he will retain his title of “King” for his entire life. Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, made the revelation when he was asked whether ministers were planning to revoke his royal status, reports Royal Central.

The question was posed by Carles Mulet, a member of the Valencian electoral coalition called Compromis. In a written question tabled to Spain’s government, Mulet highlighted that the role of Emeritus King, which has been held by Juan Carlos since he abdicated the throne in favour of his son King Felipe in 2014, isn’t in the Spanish constitution.