Fired by Trump, James Comey Makes an Outing to See a Musical


“Their daughter saw the tour in Chicago and told them they had to see it,” Ms. Whitman wrote in an email. “They were wiping away the tears as they came backstage to meet the cast. He said something to the effect of it was the best thing they could have picked for their first outing.”

Ms. Shindle said the Comeys “both said they were really emotionally affected by the show.”

“It’s awfully moving, but I would imagine doubly so at the end of a week like this,” she wrote in an email. “I was a little tongue-tied, and as they were leaving, I said, ‘Get home safe,’ as if I were his mom, and also as if he doesn’t know every F.B.I. agent in the country.”

Mr. Comey is not the first public official who has sought solace in theater after being dispatched by Mr. Trump. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly been seen on Broadway in the months since her loss in the presidential election.

The “Fun Home” tour will continue to travel the country; it begins Tuesday in Houston.

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