Flipping heck! Brits could win this incredible £401 Million Jackpot

18th Oct 2018


With a £401 MILLION US MegaMillions super jackpot up for grabs tonight, Brits will be doing backflips to get involved!

Lottery fans in the UK should be out of their minds with excitement about this opportunity!

Until recently we could only buy MegaMillions if visiting the States. But now, eager fans can bet on the outcome of the game with a special super jackpot to be won which is BIGGER than the regular jackpot.

There have already been some big prize winners to date with one lucky punter from Bolton taking home £800,000 with leading lottery betting website World Lottery Club.

Some are suggesting we may see our first UK-based MegaMillions millionaire this year.

So just how rich would £401 million make you? You could…

  • Take the drivers seat in a Bugatti Veyron, owned by Simon Cowell– £2.6 million
  • Invest in a triplex luxury apartment on Mont Pelerin, Switzerland – £58 million
  • Take a trip around the world for 3 weeks in a private Boeing 767 jet with 50 of your nearest and dearest – £11 million

That’s only just over £71 million in total! You would still have over £329 million left in the bank. Which would earn £20 million a year on interest alone!

Could you be the next winner? 

To take a chance at winning tonight’s whopping £401 million jackpot, Insiderlifestyles has teamed up with World Lottery Club, who have over 500,000 members.

They’re offering new players a chance to double their luck with a free US MegaMillions bet when they purchase their first one for £2.50.

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US MegaMillions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

US MegaMillions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

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