Florida man finds son and two friends murdered after call for help


Three men in Florida, United States were found murdered before their planned fishing trip. One of the victims managed to call his father after the attack, but all three victims sadly succumbed to their injuries. Police believe that multiple suspects are responsible for the attack. They hinted that the murders were premeditated. Soon after the investigation was launched, the police offered a reward for anyone who could offer information leading to the arrest of the culprits.

23-year-old Damion Tillman, 30-year-old Keven Springfield and 27-year-old and Brandon Rollins planned to meet on Friday, July 17, to embark on a fishing trip together. The three friends from Frostproof, Polk County had planned to fish on Lake Streety. When they arrived at the remote lake, the trio was ambushed, beaten and shot.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd revealed that Tillman was the first to have been attacked at the scene. He had arrived in a white vehicle. The attackers beat him while his two friends arrived. When Springfield and Rollins arrived in a red vehicle, they were beaten up and shot as well.

The attackers apparently left before the victims died. Rollins was able to call his father who was asleep in their home just 10 minutes from the crime scene. Rollins’ father heard his son say “help.” The worried and startled man rushed from his home to the location where he knew his son was to meet his friends.

When Rollins’ father reached the scene Tillman and Springfield had passed away. Rollins was barely alive when his father arrived. According to The Ledger, the victim was able to say a few words to his father. However, the words said by the dying man has not been made public.

In his rush to reach his son, Rollins forgot his phone at home. Leaving his dying son, the man drove to the nearest convenience store and called 911. Accompanied by the daughter of the convenience store owner, the man rushed back to the scene. Rollins passed away by the time Polk County Emergency Medical Service, Polk Fire Rescue and Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded.

The police have offered a $5,000 (£3,960) reward for anyone with any relevant information that leads to an arrest. The investigation remains on-going.

Three men in Florida beaten and shot dead. (representational image)