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Last night Eleven from “Stranger Things” and the Snapchat deer filter may have dominated the Halloween streets, but at parties beforehand a number of celebrities went their own way. Following, our survey of the most creative costumes.

Beyoncé, Tina Lawson, Blue Ivy Carter

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter have worn mother-daughter costumes for the last three years, but this time, they invited Grandma to join their Salt-N-Pepa cover band.

Kelly Rowland

The former Destiny’s Child member also looked to the ’90s for costume inspiration, dressing as Dionne from “Clueless.”

Marc Jacobs

The fashion designer took on the form of a female bodybuilder named Stacie while his boyfriend Charlie Defrancesco played his fitness counterpart, Larry, at Bette Midler’s Halloween party.

Kylie Jenner

Another throwback costume came in the form of Christina Aguilera’s 2002 “Dirrty” music video look, replicated all the way down to the crotchless pants.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson


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Kim Kardashian is on a social media hiatus. Her sister, on the other hand, posted plenty of photos of her comic-book couple costume, Storm and Black Panther.

Jessica Alba

Ms. Alba and her friend Kelly Sawyer dressed as Edina and Patsy of “Absolutely Fabulous” — Champagne included.

Taylor Lautner

Ryan Lochte’s silver Olympic hair, among his other Rio 2016 antics, made the swimmer a star of the Halloween costume rotation, with Mr. Lautner, Nina Dobrev and more assuming his guise.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, who sang at the Democratic convention this summer, attended a Halloween party dressed as Hillary Clinton, accompanied by Michael Kives as Bill Clinton. Ms. Perry’s boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, followed behind as Donald Trump.

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch

Sexy AF

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Ms. Schumer’s boyfriend was one of many Elevens, while the comedian costumed herself as another “Stranger Things” character: Dustin.

Martha Stewart

The lifestyle expert Instagrammed a photo of J. Seward Johnson’s Marilyn Monroe statue in Los Angeles last week, asking, “Think I can do it?” Is there anything she can’t do?

Correction: November 1, 2016

An earlier version of this article misidentified the person dressed as Bill Clinton (with Katy Perry as Hillary). It was Michael Kives, not Orlando Bloom.

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