Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando once had a conversation about 'sex'

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Marlon Brando once had this very difficult conversation with Michael Jackson about “sex.” “The Godfather” actor was reportedly taking lessons from the King of Pop on dancing, and the latter was learning the nuances of acting from the former. This shocking revelation has been made in a new podcast.

Marlon Brando, who died in 2004, spoke to prosecutors voluntarily about Michael Jackson, on March 14, 1994. The transcript of the sworn statement by the actor has never been made public. until now. Brando shared details of a dinner conversation he had with Jackson at the latter’s Neverland Ranch.

At that time, Jacko was being investigated on allegations of child molestation. This revelation has been made in a new podcast, “Telephone Stories: The Trials of Michael Jackson”.

These revelations come at a time when MTV “removed” Jackson’s name from its prestigious Video Vanguard Awards. This was reportedly done in the wake of “Leaving Neverland,” a controversial documentary by HBO. The documentary digs deep into the sexual abuse allegations against the late pop superstar.

Brando shared a “special relationship” with Jackson, according to the L.A. County district attorney’s office. The actor had a son named Miko, who was the “Bad” singer’s driver. Brando revealed how he wanted to genuinely help the pop star.

When he asked Jackson: “Well, what do you do for sex?” Brando told how the singer “was embarrassed.” Besides that, he also asked Jacko about whether he was a virgin and he masturbated.

The singer reportedly said that he hated his father and cried inconsolably when Brando asked about his relationships. Brando told prosecutors he had actually thought Jackson was gay but now believed “he may have had something to do with kids.”

Brandon Ogborn, one of the creator-producers of “Telephone Story” laid his hands on the Brando interview transcript and verified it with judge Lauren Weis, who investigated Jackson. He spoke to Los Angeles Times, in an exclusive interview.

Ogborn said Brando is different from all the others who figured in the Jackson child abuse investigations. The actor was rich and famous and didn’t want anything from the pop star, unlike others. “He’s also a weirdo, like Michael Jackson. So he’s to me a weirdo who understands another weirdo in a weird world,” he concluded.

Singer Michael Jackson testifies during his civil trial in December 2002

The final episode of “Telephone Stories” airs on premium podcast platform Luminary Sunday. It has been produced by Ninth Planet Audio.