Millionaires could be made in the UK with 2 for 98p special on this Friday’s £399 Million* Super Jackpot

12th Dec 2018

It’s one of the most sought after jackpots of the year and it could find a UK winner this Friday!

Big jackpot fans across the nation are taking a chance on a whopping £399 Million* Super Jackpot which is still up for grabs, despite the huge demand.

And now you could be getting two bets on this Friday’s cracking prize for just 98p! Yes, you heard us right…98p! What’s to lose?

Mega Millions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

The Mega Millions is new to our shores as until recently, you could only take part if you bought a ticket in the States.

But now, UK residents can place a bet on the outcome of the game with leading lottery-betting website They’ve opened up the chance to win big with their very own Super Jackpot on offer which is BIGGER than the regular jackpot available in the US right now.

Just think about all the ways you could spend your win:

  • Travel the world on a 237-foot Dunya Axioma superyacht with a 3D cinema and infinity pool – £60 million
  • Invest in your very own private Greek island – £35 million
  • Or perhaps you could make a big difference to the lives of your 100 closest family and friends by giving them £1 million each

Could you be the next big winner? Here’s your chance!

To celebrate this Friday’s whopping £399 Million* Super Jackpot, Insiderlifestyles has teamed up with, who have over 1,000,000 members.

They’re offering new players a limited time offer with two bets for 98p when you sign up today – saving you over 80%.

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Mega Millions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

Mega Millions Bet 1 Get 1 Free

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*18+. Jackpot and Tier 2-3 winnings will be lower than advertised to match the actual cash value pay-outs made after all relevant deductions, including taxes. Terms and Conditions apply.