US jackpot rolls 17 times to £303 MILLION – and it could be YOURS tonight

18th Dec 2018

Everything is bigger in the US, and that includes their lottery prizes!

The jackpot just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling – 17 times already, and tonight’s has reached a massive £303 MILLION. 

Until recently we could only buy Powerball when visiting the States. But now, leading lottery-betting website World Lottery Club has opened up the opportunity for UK residents to get involved.

Players can place a bet on the outcome of the game and win all of the normal prizes that are available – including the incredible jackpot!

There have already been some big prize winners to date with one lucky punter from Bolton, taking home £800,000 through the website with smaller prizes been won weekly by their 500,000 members.

Just imagine what you could do with £303 MILLION:

  • Invest in a Buckinghamshire mansion with 40 acres, a ‘mere’ £10 million
  • Explore the world on a 237-foot Dunya Axioma super yacht with a 3D cinema and infinity pool for just £60 million
  • Or make a big difference to the lives of your 10 closest family and friends by giving them £1 million each

You could have all of the above and still have money left in the bank to live out the rest of your life in luxury.

The dream starts here. Could you be the next big winner?

To celebrate tonight’s whopping £303 MILLION jackpot, Insiderlifestyles has teamed up with World Lottery Club.

They’re offering new players a chance to double their luck with a free US Powerball bet when they purchase their first one for £2.50.

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US Powerball Bet 1 Get 1 Free

US Powerball Buy 1 Get 1 Free

World Lottery Club is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for UK customers and has more than 500,000 players, T&C’s apply 18+. Gamble Responsibly.