Shailene Woodley shares details on engagement to Aaron Rodgers


Shailene Woodley got candid about how she met Aaron Rodgers and about their engagement in a video interview with Jimmy Fallon on Monday.

The “Fault in Our Stars” actress revealed that she and the football player have been engaged for “a while” now. So it was no surprise for them when they read stories about their engagement. She thought it was “kind of funny” because “everybody right now is freaking out over it.”

“For us, it’s not new news, you know?” Woodley told “The Tonight Show” host.

The 29-year old then confessed that she never pictured herself marrying an athlete. She admitted that she has never been a football fan so she has never watched games on TV or seen it in person. She also did not grow up with sports so it was a surprise for her when she ended up dating Rogers.

“He’s, first off, just a wonderful, incredible human being. But I never thought I’d be engaged with somebody who threw balls for a living. Like, I never thought as a little girl, I was like, ‘Yeah, when I grow up, I’m gonna marry someone who throws balls! Yeah!’ But he’s really just so good at it,” she explained.