Sketch Guy: A New Reader Service: Ask the Sketch Guy Anything



Carl Richards

I want to try something I’m calling “Ask the Sketch Guy.”

Everywhere I go, when people find out what I do for work, they have questions. Some questions are about the stock market, or people want to know where I think interest rates are going. Those questions aren’t so interesting. You can listen to the financial pornography network for that sort of stuff.

The questions I love are the ones that happen in the hushed tones of a real conversation, often at the coffee shop or even around the warmth of a fire. They are the questions about the messy intersection of how we use our money and how we live our lives. They relate to how we feel about money and how we talk about money.

I want to see if we can recreate some of those conversations, here, with you.

So, here’s the plan:

1. You think of a question about money. Preferably some money question that has you tied up in emotional knots. Some examples that would be fun to talk about might include:

■ I’m 45 and things just got real for me. College to pay for, retirement looming, my parents need money. I’m having a tough time dealing with it all. Are there things I can do to handle that pressure?

■ Everyone tells me I should do whatever I can to save enough to buy a house, but I’m not feeling it. I want to travel and stay flexible, but am I doing the right thing?

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