Tech Tip: Finding Support for a Missing Instagram Account

24th Feb 2021

As for support resources available now for those who need them, the site provides the Instagram Help Center online and the business section of the Facebook Help Center. You can also post questions in the Facebook Community Forum for advertisers. A page devoted to troubleshooting login issues and a feedback form about sign-in problems are also available for those who still have accounts but cannot get into them.

Some users who were unsure of why their accounts disappeared reported them as hacked to Instagram and said the accounts were restored after a day or two. The Help site has information on what to do if you think your account was compromised (and how to better protect it), and suggests using the Instagram mobile app to request aid in restoring it.

To do so, open the Android or iOS app on your device and tap the “Get help signing in” link underneath the login box. In Android, when you get to the next screen, select “Use Username or Email,” enter your account name and tap the blue arrow in the upper-right corner. The next screen offers other ways of signing in, such as with a reset link sent by mail or message, or by logging into Facebook. You can also tap the “Need More Help?” link at the bottom to get a support request form.

In the iOS app, you can get to the Request Support form by tapping the “Get help signing in” link on the main login screen and selecting the “Need more help” option on the next screen. (You can also request a login link from the company here as well.)

As a proactive measure in the event of the worst, keeping a personal backup of your content can at least ensure that you still have copies of the photos you posted to Instagram if your account inexplicably disappears forever. If you do not have the original versions of your images on your computer or device, some Instagram backup solutions include, InstaPort and IDrive. While you may not be able to get your original Instagram account back, having the material on hand can be useful if you decide to move your business to another social media service instead.

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