Teenager appears in court for pushing off 6-year-old from London's Tate Modern

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A17-year-old teenager appeared at Bromley Youth Court on Tuesday charged with attempted murder for pushing off a 6-year-old French tourist from the Tate Modern’s viewing gallery. He was charged on Sunday after the boy fell 100 ft from the tenth floor when he was visiting the London gallery with his parents.

The teen briefly appeared at the hearing to confirm his name, age and British nationality. The prosecutor informed that the child had sustained a “deep bleed to the brain” and fractured his spine, legs and arms. The teenager has been accused of picking up the boy and throwing him over the edge of the viewing platform.

Witnesses apprehended the teenager as soon as he tried to flee the scene. The child fell to the roof of the fifth floor. The gallery was on lockdown following the incident and the child was airlifted to the hospital.

Switch House, Tate Modern’s new pyramid-shaped extension
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According to Scotland Yard, there seems to be no obvious connection between the child and the teenager. The victim and the assailant were strangers which makes the motivation behind the crime murky.

The teenager has been remanded to the youth detention accomodation until he faces he appears at at the Central Criminal Court on August 8.