Tonight’s draw of $225 Million is the largest jackpot of 2017

There's a HUGE amount of money up for grabs and it could all be yours!

21st Nov 2018

insiders dimensions (1)The US Powerball hasn’t been won since December when a lucky punter managed to hit the jackpot and make it big. Since then the jackpot has continued to roll and now stands at a whopping $225 Million.

Some are suggesting we may see our first Australian-based Powerball millionaire this year. The Mirror recently reported that a US non-US resident, from the UK scooped up $1,000,000 with a US Powerball Lottery ticket in 2016 which he purchased through the World Lottery Club, a licensed lottery website.

But what could you actually buy with $225 million?

  • Purchase the Duke Group Islands off the coast of Queensland – Only $12 Million
  • A brand new 46-meter Superyacht – Only $42 Million
  • A 621 Acre Californian Estate with its own spa – Only $47 Million

That’s only $101 million in total! Besides being crowned this year’s largest jackpot winner you would still have a staggering $102 million left in the bank.

With a jackpot this big, it’s certainly not one to miss out on.

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