Tonight’s EuroMillions draw of £70 Million is the biggest of 2017

Here's how you can get a free bet on the biggest Euromillions jackpot of 2017!

24th Sep 2018

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The Euromillions jackpot hasn’t been won since the 20th of December when a fortunate punter managed to match all five numbers and lucky stars.

Since then the jackpot has rolled over a massive FIVE times and now stands at a fine £70 Million, taking the winner to super-elite status.

But what could you actually buy with £70 million?

  • Your very own Italian private island in the Mediterranean for only £12 million.
  • A 21,000-acre shooting and fishing estate in Scotland worth £25 million.
  • Or how about a 50-meter super yacht for £13 million to cruise the world at your leisure – Bahamas anyone?

That’s only £50 million in total! Besides being crowned this year’s largest jackpot winner you would still have a staggering £20 million left in the bank.

With a jackpot this big, it’s certainly not one to miss out on.

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