Tonight’s EuroMillions hits a HUGE £131 MILLION – the biggest of 2017

14th Dec 2018


It’s the first time the EuroMillions has rolled thirteen times, reaching a record breaking – ready to burst – jackpot of £131 million which could be yours after tonight’s draw.

2017 has already seen Bev Doran, of West Yokshire hit the jackpot netting £14.5 million. But winning tonight’s would make you the richest of the year and the second richest of all time, right next to Colin and Chris Weir who won £161 million in 2011.

With that kind of money you’d never have to worry about another day of work ever again, or maybe it’ll be the beginning of a legacy or empire.

What could you buy with £131 million?

  • The Hawker 800XP private jet that would only set you back £2.5 million
  • A Buckinghamshire mansion with 40 Acres, only a ‘mere’ £10 million
  • A 50-meter superyacht for £12 million to cruise the world at your leisure
  • Or how about your own private Greek island just in time for summer? Only £3.5 million

That’s only £28 million in total, you would still have a staggering £103 million left in the bank, earning £6 million on interest every year!

It’s the biggest of the year so don’t miss out!

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