UK punters could win £1,000 a day for 20 years* with a bet on tonight’s Cash4Life

26th Jul 2021

18+. T&Cs apply. Bet on the outcome.
Thanks to, UK punters 18 and over can now bet on the exciting daily game. T&C’s apply.

We’ve all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but what could £1,000 a day do for you?!

Well, picture this…you wake up to find a grand in your bank account – each and every day for 20 years*! We aren’t joking, it really could happen if you win with a bet on one of America’s favourite lotteries., the UK’s leading lottery betting** website, has just launched a new game with a unique prize called Cash4Life. Unlike traditional lotteries, where you get paid out in a lump sum, with LottoGo’s Cash4Life you win £1,000 a day if you hit the top prize.

Cash4Life 2 Bets for 1.50

That’s £1,000 per day, £7,000 per week and £365,000 per year!

The second prize is not to be sniffed at either with £1,000 per month for 20 years* up for grabs. That’s a handy £12,000 a year!

Cash4Life is operated by The New Jersey Lottery and is strictly for US residents. But now, you have the opportunity to place a bet on the outcome of the game right here in the UK through LottoGo’s lottery betting website.

The game takes place in the Big Apple at 9pm each day or 2am UK time. You could become a winner overnight with LottoGo’s Cash4Life – now that would be amazing news to wake up to!

The odds of winning the top prize on Cash4Life is 1 in 21 million which is better than most games including EuroMillions which is 1 in 139 million!

If you woke up £1,000 richer each day, what would you spend it on? There are so many possibilities, it’s time to start dreaming!

Fancy your chances on tonight’s LottoGo Cash4Life game?

To celebrate, LottoGo is giving our readers a special deal.

They’re offering new players a chance to pick up two bets for just £1.50 – saving you £3.50!

It couldn’t be easier to bet on Cash4Life. You could turn £1.50 into £1,000 a day for 20 Years*!

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Cash4Life 2 Bets for 1.50Cash4Life 2 Bets for 1.50

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*18+. T&Cs apply. Jackpot prize winners on LottoGo’s Cash4Life will receive £1,000 a day for 20 years. For more details, see our Player Terms and Conditions.
**Lottery betting is making a bet on the result of the official lottery draw — specifically, which lottery balls (numbers) will be drawn. does not operate a lottery. Members place bets on the outcome of national lotteries. Official lottery tickets and insurance are purchased based on the bets placed so that all winnings are equal to the cash option of national lottery winnings.