Win tonight’s €420 MILLION US jackpot and you could make your friends rich like George Clooney

14th Dec 2018


With a net worth of about €411 Million, George Clooney can afford to be seriously generous!

Clooney made his millions from directing, producing and acting as Hollywood’s leading heartthrob for a number of years now. But recently he has been in the news for his famous philanthropy.

As well as working with a number of charities, George has given away a serious amount of his money to friends! According to Fortune, he recently gathered his 14 closest friends who helped him out when he moved to Hollywood and gave them each a suitcase full of $1 Million in cash!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be rich enough to show your nearest and dearest the gratitude they deserve?!

Well, there’s a staggering €420 MILLION US Powerball super jackpot up for grabs and Brits have the opportunity to get involved.

Until recently, the Powerball was exclusively American. But now, UK fans can bet on the outcome of the game with a special super jackpot on offer that’s BIGGER than the regular jackpot in the US right now.

If you won, you’d be the biggest British jackpot winner EVER and have plenty of money to share with your friends and family!

You don’t have to just treat your friends. With this jackpot, you could buy yourself:

  • Invest in your very own 13 bedroom luxury Kildare mansion for a ‘cool’ €10 million
  • Sail the seas on your own 252 ft super yacht with room for 18 guests and its own helipad for only €76 million
  • Or perhaps you could make a big difference to your 10 favourite charities by giving them €10 million each

That’s only just over €186 million in total! You would still have almost €235 million left in the bank to give away to your friends!

The dream starts here. Could you be the next big winner?

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US Powerball Bet 1 Get 1 Free

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