Win tonight’s £131 MILLION EuroMillions and start your own airline

12th Dec 2018


The EuroMillions jackpot has now rolled an incredible thirteen times, making it the largest draw of 2017 and one of the largest draws ever. 

If you won you would be the biggest British winner in FIVE years, just behind Colin and Chris Weir, who scooped a massive £161 million on the EuroMillions in 2011.

With that kind of money, you could take to the sky and start your own airline. Following the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Howard Hughes.

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Strike while the iron is hot, as British Airways and United Airlines struggle to keep their customers happy and face constant tarnishing on social media. You could buy a fleet of private jets for £50 million, and use the other £81 million for staff, admin and marketing.

If an airline’s not for you, you could literally do anything in the world with that kind of money. Buy a super yacht and sail the 7 seas, buy a private island or invest the money and make upwards of £8 million a year on interest.

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