WWE Superstar Paige is to undergo neck surgery


WWE star Paige had to miss out on a pre-SummerSlam Meet and Greet due to an emergency doctor visit. She responded to disappointed fans over Twitter that she will be undergoing neck surgery soon. Fans were looking forward to meeting the ‘Fighting with my family’ inspiration.

After her Uniondale match, Paige sustained neck injuries which instead of healing has herniated. Paige previously had neck surgery due to in-ring injuries. Continuous discomfort made her cancel the meet and greet and schedule a doctor visit instead.

In her tweet, Paige said that her doctor is Dr Juan Uribe. Uribe dealt with Paige’s injury previously and has also operated on other WWE Superstars like Nikki Bella and TJ Wilson. Uribe also performed Paige’s last neck surgery. Paige mentioned that, according to her doctor, she has a neck as brittle as that of a 60-year-old.

Fellow Superstars like Nia Jax, Natalya and Mandy Rose have expressed their love and support for Paige.

WWE wrestler Paige
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Even when she is not being a part of the in-ring WWE storylines, Paige continues to play a major role in the WWE universe. Having taken a break from her in-ring career, the manager of the “Kabuki Warriors” might be taking some time away from all WWE events. Whether Kairi Sane and Asuka will make an appearance without their manager in weeks to come remains unknown. Paige also plays a major role in WWE promotions, events, and causes.